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Our Company
Leading Edge Software is at the forefront of a changing business world. We have always been attuned to impending change, and we have led the charge in recognizing and meeting the new demands change brings. Our ability to anticipate, understand and respond to challenges our customers face is the foundation for our success.

We have the software engineering and the understanding of business processes needed to help owners and managers measure overall performance, monitor daily activities and gain a competitive advantage.

No one knows more about casinos and service management than Leading Edge Software. Ten years of experience have built a deep understanding of the complexity and challenges of casino management with a bottom-line focus on the function of the casino and the services they provide.

At Leading Edge Software, career growth, team building, empowerment and open access to executives is key. We truly believe that as a team we can accomplish anything.

Some History
Mike Levinson
President and CEO

Mike Levinson joined Leading Edge Software in 2002 and has held roles of increasing responsibility within the organization across sales, support, research and development and product marketing. He was named Leading Edge Software's President and CEO in 2004. As CEO, Levinson’s focus and industry knowledge has been a driving force for Leading Edge Software's commitment to product excellence and superior customer service. Leading Edge Software and its flagship product, StraightEdge, have received extensive industry recognition.

Christina DeAugustino
Director of Sales & Marketing

Christina has responsibility for all Marketing and Alliances for Leading Edge Software has responsibility for Sales Operations at Leading Edge Software and has more than 15 years' experience in the sales, professional services and customer support disciplines. Prior to joining Leading Edge Software, Christina served in a senior sales position for an employer consulting firm.

Complementary Solutions Providers
Leading Edge Software is committed to developing and delivering world-class industry solutions to our customers. Our solutions are centered on our customers' business processes. Leading Edge Software only develops partnerships with best of breed solution/software providers within targeted verticals. We continually evaluate customer needs and market trends to provide the best industry solutions offerings in the industry.

Through this analysis and customer feedback the following relationships have already been formed:

Boyd Gambling Consulting & Investigation

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