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Pricing Quote Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in Leading Edge Software products and services. Please provide the following information about your business needs to help us serve you better. You will receive a response within three business days from Sales Representative.
Contact Questions
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General Questions
1. Has the system been budgeted for? yes      no
If so, approximate amount for software?
2. Do you have a dedicated Systems (IT) Department?
yes      no
3. What are the casino hours?
4. Do you have player tracking currently? yes      no
If so, are you happy with the functionality? yes      no
5. Do you wish to capture portrait photo images of players?
yes      no
6. How do you manage client check cashing and credit limits?
7. Do you currently have computers in the cage or pit?
yes      no
8. Do you supply any custom reports to the WGC in place of WGC controls? yes      no
9. How many cages do you have?
10. Do you have a current computer hardware supplier who you can purchase PC's, servers, or peripherals from?
yes      no
11. How soon for product development?
12. Are you interested in Personnel training or training manuals?
yes      no
Table Questions
13. How many tables do you operate?
14. How many pits do you operate?
15. Are table inventories "Par" or brought back to the original amount before close? Par      Original Amount
16. When do you do the soft table count?
17. If multiple users; do you need separate logons for each individual? yes      no
18. If multiple computers (i.e., pit, cage, & office); do you have an existing LAN (network)? yes      no
If so, is it wired or wireless? Wired       Wireless
19. Do you have any internal tech support for hardware/software issues? yes      no

May we use the above information to provide you with additional information from Leading Edge Software about products and services that may be of interest to you?


The privacy of your information is as important to us as it is to you. Leading Edge Software will not share your personal information with any third party without prior authorization by you or your company. The information requested will allow us to analyze your specific business requirements and to determine how your company may benefit from our products and services. Leading Edge Software will not use the information for any purposes other than those specified above. We are committed to maintaining your privacy. If you are uncomfortable providing the information above, please click the "Back" button in your browser to return to the previous page. By submitting this information, you consent to us using it as described above and sharing it within our organization for these purposes.
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General Sales Email
Leading Edge bases pricing quotes using information our consumers provide on our questionnaire. However, these quotes could change based on additional or contradictory information that may emerge during the final bidding process. We understand that every customer has unique needs and desires. We can develop the software on the basis of the customer's functional specification. It is also possible for us to create something completely new based upon the customer's general ideas. We work closely with every customer to ensure that the software created is the software you need.

We guarantee:
Maximum honesty to all our clients; maximum protection of our clients' rights and interests; high quality service; presentation of true and complete information; confidentiality of the personal information.